Video Game: Press Start
Me: *presses A*


Kim Possible been facetiming since 2002..


Kim Possible been facetiming since 2002..

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I have reblogged this an innumerable amount of times and I won’t stop. The media spreads this false image to its viewers and we wonder why our self esteem as a whole is so distorted. It’s because the images so constantly shoved down our throats is.

the jennifer lawrence one is crazy omg

I know this is colour and I’ll delete it soon but this goes out to every girl who wishes they could be like the actresses and models they see in magazines. The media is deceiving you and distorting your view on what ‘beautiful’ is. Fuck the media, you’re all gorgeous exactly the way you are and any magazine would be lucky to have you on their cover


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I don’t listen to 1D but hOLY SHIT HAVE YOU SEEN ZAYN MALIK

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